13 October 2011

Canadian Forces Meets Recruiting Goals

With few exceptions, Canadian Forces recruiting officers are telling hopeful applicants "Sorry."
The Canadian Forces are accepting just over half the applications they normally would in a year, and unless the applicants have certain specific skills, they are being told to try again later.

Out of 100 categories of jobs or trades in the Forces, only 13 list current openings, including dentists, musicians and social workers.

The military normally recruits around 5,000 people in a year. This year, it expects to recruit only 2,800.

“For this year we have pretty much accomplished our raw numbers,” Lt.-Cmdr. Robert Bedard, a military recruiter, said Wednesday.
By: Shelldrake

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Brian said...

This has been the case more often than not throughout the Canadian Armed Forces' history. Either the number of vacancies was artificially held down by budget restrictions on the total size of the Forces, or there more than enough volunteers. The latter was certainly the case after 9/11, as the Forces were simultaneously expanded.

However, there have always been vacancies in certain hard-to-fill categories - shifting people to meet these requirements is one of the jobs of the "Career Mangler"!