27 October 2011

ISAF Placemat OCT 2011

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Just out of curiosity - does anyone out there know what the 3 Austrians and 7 Irishmen are doing? Is that like a trauma team in a hospital, or are they manning a machine-gun nest on a perimeter somewhere? Are the 24 Salvadorans on gate-guard duty? Or is that a mess-hall team? Or are they driving trucks somewhere?

I'm just curious what the contributions are from the really small contingents of folks. I'm fascinated that a country could/would send a dozen or so troops somewhere to be a part of a mission. What the heck are they doing there? And why? Maybe this will turn into an actual article sometime. (Crap, I have a day job. Two, even! OK, maybe not.)

By: Brant

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ltmurnau said...

Here's your answer for Ireland: three staff officers and four liaison guys, all in Kabul. The other small contingents are likely the same sort of thing.