19 October 2011

GameTalk - Cross-fertilizing with Eurogames

OK folks - we all love 'em (because we can get the family to play them) and we hate 'em (because they're so thematically vague): Eurogames.

Talk about the mechanics you do like, don't like, would love to see in wargames, and make you run screaming for another room.

And while you're at it - talk about wargame mechanics you'd add to Eurogames, too. Let's get some cross-pollination going here. Do you want to see some direct conflict in a Carcassonne game? What sort of multi-player interaction would you want in a wargame that you can find in a Eurogame?

By: Brant


Matt Purvis said...

I love the fact that we can play in an hour or so, but still require enough strategy and skill so as to keep it interesting for replay.

Anonymous said...

I like that many eurogames require better 'maneuver' choices - putting your pieces in better position - than just brute force pounding on people and overwhelming them with firepower

I play a lot of Carcassonne games and I would like some way to remove or defeat opponent pieces (yes, I know you can imprison them in the tower but it's a crappy exapnsion)

-- Mike P

Anonymous said...

I think there are some mechanics in Eurogames that could help out wargames. However, there are a lot of very artificial tricks and processes that seem to be there mostly to hurry the game along, because you only have an hour or less...

Perhaps there should be more cross-fertilization of games, period - see