25 October 2011

Sound Off! Intel "Failures" and Maneuver "Successes"

We've all heard the joke that there are two kinds of operations: Intel failures and maneuver successes.

But is that reality?

What do you think:

- How often is it an intel success and a maneuver failure?
- How often is it an intel failure and a maneuver success?

Sound off in the comments below!

By: Brant

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besilarius said...

Without really thinking it through, you might be able to characterize Market-Garden as an Intel success, but a maneuver failure.
The success was the fleeting window of opportunity thru the Netherlands, before the German 15th Army deployed from their withdrawal from the Pas de Calais, and the arrival of newer formations. The situation was not that bad, if acted on early enough to take advantage of the fleeting window.
The maneuver failure was either the spotty urgency of the Irish Guards, leading the Guards Armored Division, XXX Corps spearhead.
Or, Monty's choice of directions, which pulled the thrust away from the American First Army and its push into the Westwall. Going for Nijmegen, instead of a slightly more easterly direction kept the thrusts from working together, in tandem, and I think made the bridge seizures more vital, and more difficult.