26 October 2011

GameTalk - Fantasy Wargaming

How do you get your RPG buddies to play a 'wargame' with you? Make it a fantasy wargame! Bust out Battlelore, or a Warhammer title, or, well, darn near anything from Fantasy Flight Games. Heck, even Columbia Games' Wizard Kings looks an awful lot like any of their block wargames.

What fantasy wargames do you enjoy for their tactical nuance? What fantasy wargames give you nice strategic depth? Absent the magical wonder-weapons, what fantasy wargames give you the best cross-over experience with 'real' wargames?

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

My RPG buddies (back when I played RPGs, about 30 years ago) were also wargamers. I remember getting together for sessions of multiplayer Squad Leader and Third Reich as well as D&D.

I think a lot of fantasy wargames are prefectly acceptable wargames, just with a different setting. Sometimes this is even done deliberately, as when SPI redid Empires of the Middle Ages in a SF setting as Sword and the Stars.

One thing fantasy games often have is the "empire building" type of game, where you can grow and develop, which can give you a lot of strategic depth. E.G. The Warlord Game, Warcraft, and lots of homemade PnP games I can't recall right now.

Titan has tactical nuance because it's a nested game; I found it enjoyable for a while but the battles just keep getting bigger and slower until the game devolves into two large opposing stacks.

I think may favourite well-known item in this category, though, would be Divine Right. Lots of depth, it's not all fighting, not too much magical goshwow, and an interesting situation overall.

Guardian said...

But then people like me will complain that the game isn't realistic... as my elven ranger, wielding a magical long-bow, explores a dragon's lair. :)