11 October 2011

Fix the Game: Risk

If you were going to make changes to the rules of Risk - without adding any components - what would you change to make it less of "hordes of armies" game and more of a nuanced wargame?

Look for some ideas from GrogNews to be gathered under their own new tab soon. Why Risk? Because that's a game that every wargamer has played, can easily find a copy of, and can easily use to teach new players about wargames. And frankly, because that just about any other military game out there (looking at you, Stratego), it needs lots - lots of help.

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Yes, Risk-as-written needs lots of help, but I think it has received a lot over the years, to look at the numbers of homemade variants and house rules that have appeared over the years. The BGG entry for Risk has 47 threads of variants.

http://grognard.com/titler.html (Web-Grognards)

As for official changes, I have the new "Risk: Balance of Power" game, and it has come a long way from the original game. But it is also a new game, with different components.

Perhaps it would be best to start by looking at the existing variants that don't introduce any new components, only new rules and uses for pieces.

Matt Purvis said...

I'd get rid of Australia.

Anonymous said...

fix production and somehow differentiate types of units.