19 October 2011

Someone Needs a Geography Lesson

Michele Bachmann puts foot in mouth at the Republican debate.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) criticized President Obama's foreign policy during Tuesday night's CNN debate, saying, "Now with the president, he put us in Libya. He is now putting us in Africa. We already were stretched too thin, and he put our special operations forces in Africa," she said.

Let us help out a bit.

By: Brant


liontooth.com said...

She is referring to Obama "now putting us in" Uganda.

Anonymous said...

yeah we got that part. the point is that she makes it sound like going into libya wasn't part of going to africa. news flash: theyre the same flippin' AFRICA!

-- Mike P

Matt Purvis said...

NEWS FLASH Michele!! We've had forces in and out of Africa for decades!!!!!