18 October 2011

Sound Off! Professional Development

Who needs it most, and on what should they focus?

Junior soldiers? Learning their tradecraft and developing into a fighting force?

NCOs? Leading the last hundred yards?

Junior officers? Tactical competence in employment of their assets?

The staff? How do you synchronize all these parts?

Senior leaders? What's the best strategy to achieve our goals?

If you have to prioritize your focus, where do you aim in your development of a professional force?

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By: Brant


Anonymous said...

NCOs - backbone of the Army HOOAH!

-- Mike P

Anonymous said...

Junior Officers, dangerous enough in most circumstances and need much help to learn to be senior leaders. That is probably the most difficult transition to make is thinking tactically to thinking operationally and strategery. To lead others is a constant learning process and more education and development of the junior officers (Capt's are the best; Lt's are still to green) is always needed.

Anonymous said...

the last hundreds yards in the most important part of the battle, but given how badly some of the strategic decisionmaking has gone the last 10 years maybe we need to invest in getting the Rick Sanchezs and Dan MacNeills of the world unfucked