05 October 2011

India Prepping More Big Exercises

The Indians have several "strike corps" that are supposed to be the offensive forces in their arsenal, and they're not really worried about Bangladesh, either. After last Spring's big exercise with II Corps, this Winter will feature 21 Corps maneuvers out in the desert.

This time around, the Bhopal-based 21 Corps will carry out the winter exercises, which will go on for two months till the middle of December, top sources in the Army Headquarters here told IANS.

The war games are aimed at building the capacities of the strike formation in delivering deadly blows to the enemy forces in short offensives, by breaching defences and capturing important strategic assets deep inside the other's territory. They will enable the 21 “Sudarshan Chakra” Corps to showcase its firepower through battle tanks and artillery guns.

The Army strike corps will be ably supported by the Indian Air Force (IAF) fighter jets, attack helicopters and transport aircraft, with nearly 20,000 troops involved in the exercises.

By: Brant

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