07 October 2011

Random Friday Wargaming: NATO: The Next War in Europe

This Friday's wargame? Here's a great old hit from the 80s - NATO: The Next War in Europe. It was one of VG's greatest hits and is still alive and well all over the web. There's a ton of support for it all over the place, variants, new artwork, online gameplay, and more.

Discuss it over on ConSimWorld

Any of you ever played this one? Thoughts? Impressions? Memories? It was a great game that lots of folks loved for years.

Master links/images from Boardgamegeek.com; message boards linked to Consimworld. Other links to the actual game pages...

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

I had this, but never got around to playing it. It was too much of everything (just as SPI's The Next War, which I did play, was far, far too much of everything else!). I played regular SPI NATO instead. Ty Bomba's retread GSofG looks interesting but I haven't gotten around to that one either.

madmaxusmc said...

I had this one also, but preferred to play SPI's monster game "Next War". I took that one to Okinawa with me twice, laid it out on a twin bed in an empty BOQ room (it just barely fit), and proceeded to fight it with game teams of five persons each--one air, one naval, three ground. The Warsaw Pact won every time...what a blast!

Anonymous said...

Loved it, but never played with anyone but myself.