12 January 2006

Everything you need to know about the Palestinians and Israelis

Yasser Arafat dies and Israel goes on. People get up and go to work, go to school, go about their lives.
Ariel Sharon goes down with a stroke, and Palestinians stop traffic, hand out candy, celebrate, and party.

Name one business started by a Palestinian that exports anything that doesn't explode.
Name one Palestinian scientist who's made a great discovery.
Name one prominent Palestinian who is not blowing things up.

You can't do it. Palestinians have defined their entire existence around the eradication of Israel, to the exclusion of any positive effort in their lives anywhere for any reason. Israel left the Gaza strip (historically part of Egypt, not Palestine) and Palestinians... didn't start any schools, clinics, factories, anything.

Israel wants to get on with life.
Palestine wants the world to whine the Israelis away.
Won't happen.
Get over it.