22 May 2007

One of the worst ideas among many bad ones

U.S. senator calls for American troops in Darfur - Yahoo! News
U.S. Sen. Joe Biden said that he would commit U.S. forces immediately to stop militia in Sudan's Darfur region as long as there were reports of genocide.
Biden, a presidential candidate and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on Monday that in his personal opinion nations had at "some point to cede their sovereignty" if they engaged in genocide.

1. The idea of ceding sovereignty is bad, bad, bad. At what point does the US start to lose its own sovereignty for what happen to American Indians?
2. What mission would you have US troops accomplish in Darfur? What's the goal? The end-state? Democrats are happily cheering for the Bushies' downfall over a flawed execution of a bad strategy in Iraq, in large part criticizing the lack of clear end-state to be achieved. Now they want to send troops into the latest bleeding-heart cause. Guess what? There's no clear end-state there, either...

02 May 2007

StrategyPage continues to beat the wrong drum

Information Warfare: We Support the Stupid Mercenaries
In November, 2006, Senator John Kerry made comments concerning an alleged lack of intelligence among the troops and the notion that many of the recruits are poor.

No. NoNoNoNoNoNoNo.
Kerry was taking a shot at the President. The wording of it left open the ability of the right-wing crisis machine to take shots at Kerry. But it was clearly a shot at President Bush and only those far-right culture warriors and their minions think otherwise.