20 November 2007

The Canadians are asking the right questions

Why aren't we?

CDA � Canadian Military Journal: “Why would we even consider fighting an asymmetric situation with conventional forces?”

18 November 2007

Krauthammer's only sort of paying attention

newsobserver.com | Alliances warm, not scorched
What's changed in the last year? Bush's dress and diction remain the same. But he did change generals -- and counterinsurgency strategy -- in Iraq. As a result, Iraq has gone from an apparently lost cause to a winnable one.

Let me tell you what else has changed in the past year... W has gotten one more year closer to being out of office. And with Dick not running, there's no dynastic succession coming. Other countries maybe trying to get close to jockey for favorable position with whoever's up next. But right now that means cozying up to who's 'now' with an eye toward the future. Otherwise Merkel would've been here years ago and no one would've said a word about the infamous shoulder rub that W laid on her. Sarkozy was elected when he could be, and Blair left when he said he was, so it's not like the other guys could've come years before now.