US Army Acronyms


***** A *****

A/A air to air

AA avenue of approach; assembly area

AAA antiaircraft artillery

A2C2 Army airspace command and control

AADC area air defense commander

AAP Allied Administrative Publication

AASLT air assault

AAW antiair warfare

ABN airborne

ABCCC airborne battlefield command and control center

ABCS Army Battle Command System

ACA airspace coordination area; airspace control authority

ACE air combat element (NATO); analysis and control element; aviation combat element (USMC)

AFCT aircraft

ACL allowable combat load; allowable cabin load

ACM airspace control measures

ACO airspace control order

ACP air control point; Allied Communications Publication

acq acquisition

ACR armored cavalry regiment

ACT analysis control team

AD air defense; armored division

ADA air defense artillery

ADC area damage control; assistant division commander

ADC(M) assistant division commander (maneuver)

ADC(S) assistant division commander (support)

ADM atomic demolition munitions

admin administrative

ADOA air defense operations area

ADP automated data process(ing)

AEW airborne early warning

AFSOC Air Force special operations component

A/G air to ground

AG adjutant general

AGL above ground level

AGM air-to-ground missile

AGS Armored Gun System (light tank)

AI air interdiction

AIM air intercept missile

AJ Azerbaijan

ALCE airlift control element

ALO air liaison officer; artillery liaison officer

alt altitude, alternate

AMB air mission brief; air mobility branch

AMC air mission commander

ammo ammunition

ANGLICO air/naval gunfire liaison company

AO area of operations

AOA amphibious objective area

AOC air operations center

AOI area of interest

AOR area of responsibility

AP antipersonnel

APC armored personnel carrier

APOD aerial port of debarkation

APOE aerial port of embarkation

APP Allied Procedural Publication

AQ Samoa (US)

AR Army regulation; armor

ARFOR Army forces

ARG amphibious ready group

armd armored

ARSOA Army special operations aviation

ARSOF Army special operations forces

ARSOTF Army special operations task force

arty artillery

AS Australia; area security

ASCC Army service component commander

ASL authorized stockage list; allowable supply list

aslt assault

ASLT PSN assault position (graphics)

ASM antiship missile

ASOC air support operations center

ASP ammunition supply point

ASR alternate supply route; ammunition supply rate

ASW antisubmarine warfare

AT antiterrorism; antitank

ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System

ATC air traffic control

ATF amphibious task force

atk attack

ATK PSN attack position (graphics)

ATM air tasking message (Army)

ATO air tasking order

ATP ammunition transfer point; Allied Tactical Publication

AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance

AVLB armored vehicle-launched bridge

AVLM armored vehicle-launched mine clearing

AVLO aviation liaison officer

avn aviation

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System

AXP ambulance exchange point

***** B *****

B biological (graphics)

BA Bahrain

BAI battlefield air interdiction

BAS battalion aid station

BC battle command

BCC battlefield circulation control

BCD battlefield coordination detachment

BCOC base cluster operations center

BDA battle damage assessment

BDAR battle damage assessment and repair

bde brigade

BDOC base defense operations center

BDU battle dress uniform

BDZ base defense zone

BE Belgium

BF beginning of radioactive fallout

BFV Bradley fighting vehicle

BH Belize

BICC battlefield information coordination center

biol biological

BK Bosnia-Herzgovina

BL Bolivia

BMCT begin morning civil twilight

BMNT begin morning nautical twilight

bn battalion

BO Belarus

BOS battlefield operating systems

BP battle position

BPAD broadcast public affairs detachment

B/P be-prepared mission

BPSE brigade PSYOP support element

BR Brazil

BRAA bearing, range, altitude, aspect

BSA brigade support area

btry battery

BU Bulgaria

BZ buffer zone

***** C *****

C chemical (graphics)

C command and control

C2W command and control warfare

C3 command, control, and communications

C3CM command, control, and communications countermeasures

C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence

C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

CA Canada; civil affairs; combat assessment

cal caliber

CALFEX combined arms live fire exercise

CAP crisis action planning; combat air patrol

CARP computed air release point

CARS combat arms regimental system

cas casualty

CAS close air support

CATF commander, amphibious task force

CATK counterattack (graphics)

cav cavalry

cbt combat

CCIR commander's critical information requirements

CCL combat-configured load

CCP communications checkpoint

CCT combat control team

CD chemical defense; counterdrug; Chad

C-day unnamed day on which a deployment operation commences or is to commence

CDM chemical downwind message

CDS container delivery system

CE command element

CENTCOM United States Central Command

CEP circular error probable

CEWI combat electronic warfare and intelligence

CFA covering force area; call forward area

CFL coordinated fire line

CG commanding general

cGy centigray

CH China; chaplain

chem chemical

CHS combat health support

CI combat intelligence; counterintelligence; Chile

CINC commander of a combatant command; commander in chief

CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJTF commander, joint task force

CLF commander, landing force

CLR STA clearing station (graphics)

cmd command

CMO civil-military operations

CMOC civil-military operations center

co company

CO commanding officer; Colombia

COA course of action

COCOM combatant command (command authority)

COFM correlation of forces and means

COLT combat observation and lasing team

COMINT communications intelligence

comm communications

COMMZ communications zone

COMSEC communications security

CONPLAN concept plan

const construction

CONUS continental United States

COSCOM corps support command

CP command post

CPSE corps PSYOP support element

CPX command post exercise

CS combat support; Costa Rica

CSAR combat search and rescue

CSC combat stress control

CSH corps surgical hospital

CSR controlled supply rate

CSS combat service support

CSSE combat service support element

CT counterterrorism

CTCP combat trains command post

CU Cuba

CUWTF Combined Unconventional Weapons Task Force

CW chemical warfare

CY Cyprus

CZ combat zone

***** D *****

D dental (graphics)

DA Denmark; direct action

DAO division ammunition officer

DCA defensive counterair; Defense Communications Agency

DCM deputy chief of mission

DCS defensive counterspace; Defense Communications System

D-day unnamed day on which a particular operation commences or is to commence

D-3 3 days prior to D-day

D+7 7 days after D-day

D+90 90 days after D-day

DE directed energy

DEFCON defense readiness condition

det cord detonation cord

DEW directed-energy warfare

DFSCOORD deputy fire support coordinator

DGZ desired ground zero

DISCOM division support command

DISE division intelligence support element

DISUM daily intelligence summary

div division

DLIC detachment left in contact

DMZ demilitarized zone

DOA direction of attack

DOD Department of Defense

DOS day of supply

DOW died of wounds

DP decision point

DPSE division PSYOP support element

DPU data processing unit

DR Dominican Republic

DRB division ready brigade

DS direct support

DSA division support area

DSM decision support matrix

DST decision support template

DSU direct support unit

DTG date-time group

DWRIA died of wounds received in action

DZ drop zone

***** E *****

EA engagement area; electronic attack; emergency action

EAC echelons above corps

EAD echelons above division

EC Ecuador

ECM electronic countermeasures

E&E evasion and escape

EECT end evening civil twilight

EEFI essential elements of friendly information

EEI essential elements of information

EENT end evening nautical twilight

EF end of radioactive fallout

eff effective

EG Egypt

EI Ireland

ELINT electronic intelligence

ELSEC electronics security

EMCON emission control

EMI electromagnetic interference

EMP electromagnetic pulse

EN engineer (unit designations; graphics)

ENCOORD engineer coordinator

engr engineer

ENY enemy (graphics)

EOD explosive ordnance disposal

EP electronic protection

EPW enemy prisoner of war

equip equipment

ERP engineer regulating point

ES electronic warfare support; El Salvador

ESM electronic warfare support measures; electronic surveillance measures

EUCOM European Command

EW electronic warfare

EZ extraction zone

***** F *****

FA field artillery

FAA forward assembly area

FAAD forward area air defense

FAADEZ forward area air defense engagement zone

FAAWC force antiair warfare commander

FAC forward air controller

FAC(A) forward air controller (airborne)

FARP forward arming and refueling point

FASCAM family of scatterable mines

fax facsimile

FB fire base

FCC flight coordination center

FCL final coordination line

FDC fire direction center

FDO flexible deterrent option ; fire direction officer

FDRP first destination reporting point

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

FES forced entry system

FEZ fighter engagement zone

FFA free-fire area

FFCC friendly forces coordination center; force fires coordination center

FFIR friendly forces information requirements

FH field hospital

FID foreign internal defense

FISINT foreign instrumentation signals intelligence

FIST fire support team

FLB forward logistics base

fld field

FLE forward logistics element

FLO fighter liaison officer

FLOT forward line of own troops

FM field manual; frequency modulated/modulation

FMC fully mission capable

FMF Fleet Marine Force

FO forward observer

FOB forward operations base

FOC flight operations center

FPF final protective fire

FPL final protective line

FR France

FRAGO fragmentary order

FSA forward support area (NGFS)

FSB forward support battalion

FSC fire support coordinator (USMC)

FSCC fire support coordination center (USMC)

FSCL fire support coordination line

FSCM fire support coordinating measure

FSCOORD fire support coordinator

FSE fire support element

FSO fire support officer

FSS fire support station (NGFS)

FSSG force service support group

FTCP field trains command post

fwd forward

FY Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

***** G *****

G1 Assistant Chief of Staff, Personnel

G2 Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence

G3 Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations

G4 Assistant Chief of Staff, Logistics

G5 Assistant Chief of Staff, Civil Affairs

G6 Assistant Chief of Staff, Communications

GA nerve agent tabun

GB nerve agent sarin

GCC Gulf Cooperation Council

GCE ground combat element

GD nerve agent soman

GE Germany

GEOREF geographic reference

GG Georgia (the nation)

GIE global information environment

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

gp group

GPS global positioning system

GR Greece

GS general support

GSM ground station module

GSR general support-reinforcing; ground surveillance radar

GT Guatemala

GW guerrilla warfare

GZ ground zero

***** H *****

HA Haiti; holding area; humanitarian assistance

HACC humanitarian assistance coordination center

HAHO high-altitude high-opening (parachute technique)

HALO high-altitude low-opening (parachute technique)

HARM high-speed antiradiation missile

HCA humanitarian and civic assistance

HD heavy drop; blister agent (distilled Levinstein mustard)

HE high explosive

hel helicopter

HELO helicopter

HET heavy equipment transporter

HF high frequency

H-hour specific hour on D-day at which a particular operation commences

H-3 3 hours prior to H-hour

H+7 7 hours after H-hour

H+30 min 30 minutes after H-hour

HHB headquarters and headquarters battery (FA and ADA)

HHC headquarters and headquarters company

HHT headquarters and headquarters troop (cavalry units)

HIDACZ high-density airspace control zone

HIMAD high-altitude missile air defense

HL blister agent (mustard-lewisite mixture)

HMMWV high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HN host nation; blister agent (nitrogen mustard)

HO Honduras

HOB height (depth) of burst

hos hostile

HPRF high pulse repetition frequency

HPT high-payoff target

HQ headquarters

HR Croatia

H&S headquarters and service

HT blister agent (mustard T-mixture)

HU Hungary

HUMINT human intelligence

HVT high-value target

***** I *****

ICAC2 integrated combat airspace command and control

ID identification; infantry division

IDAD internal defense and development

IDP initial delay position

IED imitative electromagnetic deception

IEW intelligence and electronic warfare

IFF identification, friend or foe (radar)

IFV infantry fighting vehicle

IG inspector general

IHL intelligence handover line

IMINT imagery intelligence

IN India; infantry

inf infantry

INFOSEC information security

INTSUM intelligence summary

IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IPW prisoner of war interrogation

IR information requirements; infrared, thermal; Iran

IS Israel

ISB intermediate staging base

ISE intelligence support element

ISS information system security

IT Italy

IV intravenous

IW information warfare

IZ Iraq

***** J *****

JA Japan

JAAT joint air attack team

JCATF joint civil affairs task force

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCSE joint communications support element

JDISS Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System

JEZ joint engagement zone

JFACC joint force air component commander

JFC joint force commander

JFLCC joint force land component commander

JFMCC joint force maritime component commander

JFSOCC joint force special operations component commander

JIB Joint Information Bureau

JIC joint intelligence center

JLOTS joint logistics over-the-shore

JMC joint movement center

JO Jordan

JOA joint operations area

JOC joint operations center

JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System

JP joint publication

JPOTF joint psychological operations task force

JRC joint reception center

JSEAD joint suppression of enemy air defenses

JSOA joint special operations area

JSOACC joint special operations air component commander

JSOLE joint special operations liaison element

JSOTF joint special operations task force

JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

JTB joint target board

JTF joint task force

JUWC Joint Unconventional Warfare Command

JUWTF Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force

***** K *****

KIA killed in action

km kilometer

KN Korea (North)

KS Korea (South)

kt kiloton

KU Kuwait

KZ Kazakhstan

***** L *****

L light (refers to light infantry) (graphics)

LAB logistics assault base

LANTCOM United States Atlantic Command

LAPES low-altitude parachute extraction system

LAV light armored vehicle

LC line of contact

LCC land component commander

LD line of departure

LD/LC line of departure is line of contact

LE Lebanon

LEN large extension node

LF landing force

LG Latvia

LH Lithuania

LIWA land information warfare agency

LL light line; latent lethality

LLTR low-level transit route

LNO liaison officer

LO lubrication order; law and order; Slovakia

LOA limit of advance

LOC lines of communications

LOD line of demarcation

LOGPAC logistics package

LOS line of sight

LOTS logistics over-the-shore

LP/OP listening post/observation post (USMC)

LRP logistics release point

LRS long-range surveillance

LRSD long-range surveillance detachment

LRSU long-range surveillance unit

LSD least separation distance

LTD laser target designator

LU Luxembourg

LY Libya

LZ landing zone

***** M *****

M mechanized (graphics)

MACCS Marine air command and control system

MACG Marine air control group

MACS Marine air control squadron

MAG Marine aircraft group

MAGTF Marine air-ground task force

MAIN primary command post (graphics)

maint maintenance

MALS Marine aviation logistics squadron

MarDiv Marine division

MASINT measurement and signature intelligence

MASS Marine air support squadron

max maximum

MBA main battle area

MCM mine countermeasures

MCRP Marine Corps Reference Publication

MD Moldavia; medium division

M-day mobilization day

mech mechanized

med medical

MED manipulative electromagnetic deception

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

MEF Marine expeditionary force

MEF(FWD) Marine expeditionary force (forward)

met meteorological

METL mission essential task list

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available (Army); mission, enemy , terrain and

weather, troops and support available, and time available (USMC)

MEU Marine expeditionary unit

MEZ missile engagement zone

MFF military free fall

MG Mongolia; machine gun

MHE materials handling equipment

MI military intelligence

MICLIC mine clearing line charge

MIE military information environment

MIJI meaconing, interference, jamming, and intrusion

MILSTD military standard

min minimum

MIST military information support team

MLC military load classification

MLRS multiple launch rocket system

mm millimeter

MOB main operations base

MOBA military operations in a built-up area

MOOTW military operations other than war (joint only)

MOPP mission-oriented protective posture

MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain

MP military police

MPA mission planning agent; manpower authorization; maritime patrol aircraft

MPC military pay certificate

MPF maritime prepositioning force

MPRF medium pulse repetition frequency

MRC major regional conflict/contingency

MRE meal, ready to eat

MRR motorized rifle regiment; minimum-risk route

MSB main support battalion

MSC Military Sealift Command; major subordinate command

MSD minimum safe distance

MSR main supply route

MSL mean sea level

mt megaton

MST maintenance support team

MTF medical treatment facility

MTT mobile training team

MU Oman

MX Mexico

***** N *****

NAI named area of interest

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVSOF naval special operations forces

NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical

NBCWRS nuclear, biological, and chemical warning and reporting system

NCA National Command Authorities

NCS net control station

NCTR noncooperative target recognition

NEO noncombatant evacuation operations

NFA no-fire area

NFL no-fire line

NGFS naval gunfire support

NGLO naval gunfire liaision officer

NGO nongovernmental organizations

NI Nigeria

NIST national intelligence support team

NL Netherlands

NLT not later than

NMCM not mission capable, maintenance

NMCS not mission capable, supply

NO Norway

NOTAM notice to airman

NPG network participating group

NSFS naval surface fire support

NSWG naval special warfare group

NSWU naval special warfare unit

NU Nicaragua

NVD night vision device

NZ New Zealand

***** O *****

OAS offensive air support

obj objective

OCA offensive counterair

OCOKA observation, concealment, obstacles, key terrain, and avenue of approach (Army)

OCS offensive counterspace

OEG operation exposure guide

OP observation post

OPCOM operational command (NATO)

OPCON operational control

OPLAN operation plan

opns operations

OPORD operation order

OPSEC operations security

OPTEMPO operational tempo

OT observer-target

***** P *****

PA Paraguay; public affairs

PAA position area for artillery

PACOM United States Pacific Command

PD point of departure

PDB PSYOP dissemination battalion

PDF principal direction of fire

PE Peru

PERINTSUM periodic intelligence summary

pers personnel

PGIF predicted ground impact point

PIR priority intelligence requirements

PIREP pilot report

PK` Pakistan

PL phase line; Poland

PLD probable line of deployment

plt platoon

PM provost marshal; preventive maintenance; Panama

PMCS preventive maintenance checks and services

PNL prescribed nuclear load

PO Portugal

POD port of debarkation

POE port of embarkation

POG psychological operations group

POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants

POTF PSYOP task force

PP passage point

PRF pulse repetition frequency

PS personnel services

PSE PSYOP support element

psn position

PSYOP psychological operations

pub publication

PUP pop-up point

PVNTMED preventive medicine

PVO private voluntary organizations

PW prisoner of war

PWRS prepositioned war reserve stock

PZ pickup zone

PZCO pickup zone control officer

***** Q *****

QA Qatar

***** R *****

R reinforcing

R3P rearm, refuel, and resupply point

RAA rear assembly area

RAAMS route antiarmor mine system

RAD radiation absorbed dose

RAOC rear area operations center

RAS rear area security

RAU remote access unit

RCA riot control agent

RD radius of damage

REAR rear command post (graphics)

recon reconnaissance

regt regiment

REMS remotely employed sensor

RES radiation exposure status

retrans retransmission

RFA restrictive fire area

RFI request for intelligence/information

RFL restrictive fire line

RGR ranger (graphics)

RHU replacement holding unit

RIP relief in place

RISTA reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquistion. See RSTA also.

RL release line

RO Romania

ROE rules of engagement

ROI rules of interaction

ROM refuel on the move

ROTA releases other than attack (related nuclear, biological, and chemical)

ROZ restricted operations zone

RP Republic of Philippines; release point

RPB regional PSYOP battalion

RPV remotely piloted vehicle

RQ Puerto Rico

RS Russia; radiation status

RSO&I reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

RSR required supply rate

RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition

RV radius of vulnerability

RW Rwanda

RWR radar warning receiver

***** S *****

S scatterable mines (graphics)

SA Saudi Arabia

S/A surface to air

SAAFR standard use Army aircraft flight route

SAB separate armored brigade

SAR search and rescue

SAEDA subversion and espionage directed against the Army

SALUTE size, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment

SAM surface-to-air missile

SASP special ammunition supply point

SAT security assistance team

SATCOM satellite communications

SBF support by fire

SBU special boat unit

SCI sensitive compartmented information

SEAD suppression of enemy air defenses

SEAL sea-air-land team

SECDEF Secretary of Defense

SEN small extension node

SERE survival, evasion, resistance, and escape

SF special forces

SFC special forces command

SFOB special forces operations base

SFOD-ABC special forces operational detachment Alpha/Bravo/Charlie

SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

SHELREP shelling report

SHF super-high frequency

SI Slovenia

SIB separate infantry brigade

SIDPERS Standard Installation Division Personnel System

SIF selective identification feature

sig signal

SIGINT signals intelligence

SIGSEC signals security

SITMAP situation map

SITREP situation report

SJA staff judge advocate

SO special operations; Somalia

SOCCE special operations command and control element

SOCORD special operations coordinator

SOF special operations forces

SOFA status-of-forces agreement

SOI signal operating instructions

SOLL special operations low-level

SOP standing operating procedures

SOSB special operations support battalion

SOSCOM special operations support command

SOSR suppress, obscure, secure, and reduce

SOT-A/B special operations team Alpha/Bravo

SOUTHCOM United States Southern Command

S&P stake and platform

SP start point; strongpoint; self-propelled; Spain

SPOD seaport of debarkation

SPOE seaport of embarkation

SPOTREP spot report

spt support

sqdn squadron

SRD secret restrictive data

ST SEAL team

STANAG standardization agreement (NATO)

SU Sudan

SUPCOM support command

SURFREP surf report

svc service

SY Syria

***** T *****

TAACOM Theater Army Area Command

TAB target acquisition battery

tac tactical

TAC tactical command post; tactical (artillery, naval gunfire, and close air support )


TACAN tactical air navigation

TACC tactical air control center (USN); tactical air command center (USMC)

TACCP tactical command post

TACON tactical control

TACP tactical air control party

TACSAT tactical satellite

TADIL tactical digital information link

TAF tactical air force

TAI targeted area of interest

TALCE tanker airlift control element

TALO tactical air liaison officer; theater airlift liaison officer

TAV total asset visibility

TBM tactical ballistic missile; theater ballistic missile

TCF tactical combat force

TCP traffic control post

TDA table of distribution and allowances

TEB tactical exploitation brigade

TECHCON technical control

TECHINT technical intelligence

TF task force

tgt target

THREATCON threat condition

TI Tajikistan

TIRS terrain index reference system

tm team

TM theater missile

TMD theater missile defense

TOC tactical operations center

TOE table of organization and equipment

TOR terms of reference

TOT time on target (naval gunfire, mortar, and close air support)

TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided, heavy antitank missile system

TPFDD time-phased force and deployment data

TPFDL time-phased force and deployment list

TPT tactical PSYOP team

TRADOC United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

trans transportation

TRP target reference point

TS Tunisia; top secret

TU Turkey

TX Turkmenistan

***** U *****

UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

UGS unattended ground sensors

UHF ultrahigh frequency

UK United Kingdom

UMCP unit maintenance collection point

UN United Nations

UP Ukraine

US United States

USAF United States Air Force

USASOC United States Army Special Operations Command

USCG United States Coast Guard

USFK United States Forces Korea

USMC United States Marine Corps

USN United States Navy

UTM universal transverse mercator

UW unconventional warfare

UXO unexploded explosive ordnance

UY Uruguay

UZ Uzbekistan

***** V *****

V veterinary (graphics)

VE Venezuela

VFR visual flight rules

VHF very high frequency

***** W *****

WARNO warning order

WCS weapons control status

WFZ weapons free zone

WIA wounded in action

WS Samoa Western

***** Y *****

YE Yemen

YU Serbia and Montenegro Federal Republic

***** Z *****

Z Zulu Time

ZI Zimbabwe

ZK Czech Republic

ZOS zone of separation

ZULU Universal Time