29 September 2006

TSA clearly out of control

CNN.com - 'Idiot' barb gets passenger detained - Sep 28, 2006
The supervisor told Bird he had the right to express his opinions 'out there' -- pointing outside the screening area -- but did not have the right 'in here,' Bird said.

At this point, we need to seriously re-examine (a) who's in charge of the TSA, (b) what messages they're allowing to trickle down to their employees, and (c) the legal justification for the TSA's existence.

A TSA spokeswoman said she could not confirm whether Bird had filed a complaint, but described the incident as insignificant.

And this is why the TSA is the most reviled agency in American after the IRS. Detaining a customer and claiming he has no rights is "insignificant"? Come again?

'Everyone's entitled to their own opinion,' she said.

Apparently not, if we have no rights "in [t]here"...

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