27 October 2006

Rumsfeld undercut by his own subordinates

Transcript from NBC Nightly News 10/26/06
(from Lexis-Nexis database, my emphasis added below)

MIKLASZEWSKI: When Rumsfeld questioned the tone from reporters, reporters questioned back.
Can you blame us for the tone, expressing some skepticism, because...
Sec. RUMSFELD: Well, no. That's your job. You can--you can express all the skepticism you want.
MIKLASZEWSKI: A benchmark has been laid down in terms of security forces and the like, the Iraqis have been unable to meet them.
Sec. RUMSFELD: That is just false. We should...
Offscreen Voice #1: You have no leverage...
Mr. RUMSFELD: Just a minute. Just a minute.
That is false. I mean, that is--there's people ranting like that up on the Hill, but that is just wrong to say that. It's not even--it isn't even close to being true.
MIKLASZEWSKI: In terms of their ability to provide for their own security, there are many times when the US has called upon them where they just haven't stood up.
Sec. RUMSFELD: Anyone who runs around denigrating the Iraqi security forces and minimizing their capability is making a mistake and doesn't understand the situation. Thank you.

So, apparently, Maj Gen JD Thurman, Commander, 4th Infantry Division, and Multi-National Division, Baghdad, "doesn't understand the situation"
From NY Times (scroll down for article link in earlier post)
“Part of our problem is that we want this more than they do,” General Thurman said, alluding to the effort to get the Iraqis to put aside sectarian differences and build a unified Iraq. “We need to get people to stop worrying about self and start worrying about Iraq. And that is going to take national unity.”
“Until we get that settled I think we are going to struggle,” he added.

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