06 March 2008

My email to Lou Dobbs

What I sent to him tonight:

I'm watching your program, and you're talking about the new Air Force tanker deal. I just want to make sure that I'm clear about your position.

As I understand your point of view, US military procurement should focus primarily on where the equipment is manufactured, and not whether or not it performs to the highest possible standard. In your opinion, it's more important to put jobs in Kansas than fighters in the air over a trouble spot around the world. "Made in America" is, in your estimation, a higher priority than bringing home American servicemembers, if it means we send them to war with inferior, but home-made equipment.

Is it frustrating that a company partnering with a European company could win an Air Force contract? Sure it is. Maybe Boeing needs to spend more time designing aircraft and less time parading before Congress wrapped in an American flag.

In the meantime, under Congressional approval, the US defense industry has gone from 8 aircraft manufacturers to 1 (Boeing) and a half (Northrop). That's not the Air Force's fault. When only 2 companies even *exist* to bid for a project, you've got to choose someone.

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