25 August 2010

Rogue Afghan Police Recruit Kills Spaniards

An Afghan police recruit flips out and kills 2 of his Spanish instructors and an interpreter before being killed by security forces...and the locals riot in response. Can you say FUBAR?
An Afghan police recruit has shot dead two Spanish police officers and their interpreter in north-western Afghanistan, officials say.

The attacker apparently opened fire in a classroom during a training session, Spain's interior minister said.

The Afghan police recruit was also killed in the incident, when security forces returned fire.

After the shooting, a crowd of angry locals were reported to be protesting outside a Spanish base.

Hundreds of men hurled stones at the base in Qalay-i-Naw in Badghis province, while chanting religious slogans.

Local officials said hundreds of them tried to storm the base, and unconfirmed reports said part of the base had been set on fire.

A number of people from the crowd were taken to hospital, though it was not immediately clear how they were injured. Nato said it was monitoring the situation.

By: Shelldrake

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Anonymous said...

And the Spanish government, headed by the worst PM in two centuries, still says there is no war there.

Already 92 casualties during this "peace mission".