04 December 2012

Sound Off! Military Motorcycles

Motorcycles for military usage - good thing?  Or bat-shit crazy?  Sound off below!

By: Brant


Brian said...

It depends - on what you want to use them for!

Scouts and dispatch riders, or carrying George Peppard around when he's looking for a crashed plane, that's OK - but battalions of motorcycle-borne infantry is a noisy waste of metal. Better to put them on bicycles (I seem to remember the Swiss experimenting not long ago with bike-borne infantry, and the Swiss Army bicycle is a hipster-lust artifact of long standing).

Brant said...

"the Swiss Army bicycle"

boy... the jokes just write themselves, huh?

Dan Eastwood said...

Motorcycles are absolutely essential! Where would Steve McQueen be without one?

Anonymous said...


That is all I have to add.

- Greg