21 November 2013

Karzai Shoots of Mouth; Foot Next?

While admitting that Afghanistan needs US security deal he simultaneously insults us.

A Loya Jirga, or grand council, involving about 2,500 delegates convened a day after Karzai and Washington reached agreement on a pact defining the shape of the U.S. military presence after a 2014 drawdown of a multinational NATO force.

"My trust with America is not good. I don't trust them and they don't trust me," Karzai told the assembly. "During the past 10 years I have fought with them and they have made propaganda against me."

Is it propaganda to admit that you're an ineffective, corrupt, unloved figurehead who is little more than a warlord with a grandiose title who outright refuses to tackle the problems of his own underlings while simultaneously accosting others for the same failing?

It is?

OK then, we're making propaganda against you.

Oh yeah, it's true, too, if that matters at all.

By: Brant

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