03 November 2011

Another "Phase" Added to Afghan Campaign Medal

Hey, it's been a few month since we changed names on the operations in Afghanistan.

The Department of Defense announced today that an additional campaign phase has been approved for the Afghanistan Campaign Medal (ACM). Accordingly, an additional campaign star corresponding to the campaign phase is now authorized for wear on the ACM.

ACM campaign stars recognize a service member’s participation in DoD-designated military campaigns in the Afghanistan Campaign Medal’s area of eligibility.

Service members who have qualified for the ACM may display a bronze campaign star on their medal for each designated campaign phase in which they participated. The stars are worn on the suspension and campaign ribbon of the campaign medal.

The additional ACM campaign phase and associated dates are:

Transition I – July 1, 2011 through a date to be determined.
The four previously approved ACM campaign phases are:

Liberation of Afghanistan - Sept. 11, 2001 to Nov. 30, 2001
Consolidation I - Dec. 1, 2001 to Sept. 30, 2006
Consolidation II - Oct. 1, 2006 to Nov. 30, 2009
Consolidation III - Dec. 1, 2009 through June 30, 2011.

That's a hell of a lot of consolidating if we've been doing it since 2001. And we're still not really consolidated. Which phases were you present for? And how consolidated did you feel by the time you left?

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Consolidation I: I felt good about the country when I left. I thought the locals had a great attitude and wanted to make a change for the better.
Consolidation II: I did not feel so good about that time, and ISAF was loosing the hearts and minds of anyone in the east and south; but thought things were much better than Iraq. Beautiful country on the FLIR.
Have not done CIII and beyond as my last two deployments were to Iran Jr. Hated that place and think every life we lost there was an absolute waste and the locals were the most corrupt bunch of scum I have ever had the misfortune of being on the same continent with.

Matt Purvis said...

Awe, no more very merry consolidating.

Does this mean we can expect 10 years of three transition phases?