29 November 2011

Was NATO Just Returning Fire?

So now it comes out that before the deadly NATO airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani troops, the Paks fired at the Afghans first

Both sides said they believed they were attacking insurgents along the border Saturday when the strike was launched. A senior Pakistani defense official acknowledged that Pakistani troops fired first, sending a flare, followed by mortar and machine-gun fire, toward what he said was “suspicious activity” in the brush-covered area below their high-altitude outpost barely 500 yards from the border.

According to Afghan security officials, their commandos were engaged with U.S. Special Operations troops in a nighttime raid against suspected Taliban insurgents when they came under cross-border fire and called in an airstrike.

Somehow I'm pretty sure we're not going to see any apologies from Pakistan for shooting at the Afghan forces, even though the Afghans were likely pursuing insurgents funded by Pakistan, trained in Pakistan, overwatched by Pakistan, into Pakistan.

By: Brant

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