28 November 2011

Osprey Publishing Releasing a New Series of Wargames

Yes, they're minis-based, but Osprey Publishing has a new wargame series on the way.

In August of 2012, Osprey Publishing will launch a new series of small, completely self-contained wargames! These 64-page books will contain all the information you need to play – rules, army lists, scenarios and more – and will also be graced with Osprey artwork throughout.
Kicking off the series is a pair of titles from familiar names within the industry. Dux Bellorum – Arthurian Wargames Rules AD 367–793 by Dan Mersey is the first of these two volumes. Evolving from his earlier Glutter of Ravens rules, Dux Bellorum is an element-based system wherein each base of figures represents 50 fighting men, and which allows players to build a warband of Late Roman, Romano-British, Welsh, Saxon, Pictish, Irish, or Sea Raider warriors.

They've already got Force-on-Force, so this isn't new ground for them. But maybe the visibility of their gaming line will bring in more history buffs to the wargaming world.
(Yes, we had Force-on-Force in our Random Friday Wargaming before.. if you've played it, sound off for us and tell us what you thought!)

By: Brant

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