15 November 2011

Sound Off! Fog of War

When you're concealing forces from your enemy, do you prefer to

... hide the face of block standing on its side (like Columbia games?)
... hide your stacks of counters under a question mark (like ASL?)

Stake your claim below!

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

I know blocks are more convenient for the step-reduction dance, but they are hard to get and fiddly to make (back in the days of the Microgame Design Group Kerry Anderson looked up the cost for blank wooden blocks. I told him that was a pretty steep price to pay for sawdust and linear absences of wood). So, counters.

Actually, when stacking counters under blanks or ? markers, you can stack the stack with dummies, making it appear more formidable than it actually is!

Matt Purvis said...


I heard your name over at the Gamer's Armory on Monday. I wasn't completely sure you we were in the same neck of the woods.

As far as fog off war goes, I like the ? counters compared to the blocks. I've never played with blocks, but it seems like they'd take up more space than a flat cardboard counter.

Well, that's my 0.02.

Brant said...

Matt, I get over to GA quite a bit since I live in Raleigh. Let's make plans to link up and sling some dice sometime.

besilarius said...

Still like a kriegspiel with judge.
A good scenario and judge, can make a lot of Fog playable.

Matt Purvis said...

Sounds good. I'll let you know when the semester is over.