23 November 2011

GameTalk - Gaming With VASSAL

Is playing a game on VASSAL (or Cyberboard, Hexwars, ADC, etc) considered a board game or a computer game?

By: Brant


Brian said...

Well, is an audiobook a book, or is it a piece of music?

What about a book of sheet music?

I'm not sure why you're asking, except maybe to pose questions like the above. Offhand I would say it's a board game, in that a VASSAL module is a digital representation of something that started life as a board game (that is, a physical product).

I like to joke that board games are playable on any platform - kitchen table, counter, TV tray, even the floor.

Anonymous said...

I like to refer to as "computer-assisted boardgaming", as I sometimes still use some of my real boardgaming components (like dice or maps or frequently used tables, charts or logs) but supplement it with what I am doing on vassal.

Jack Nastyface

games said...

My initial thought, is since it was based on a board game, its a board game

computer games for me have to have AI vs just being digital counters

and LOVE vassal, adc2, cyberboard, and Zun Tzu.