04 November 2011

Random Friday Wargaming: The China War

Waging a war against the theory of monolithic communism, war gamers loved Sino-Soviet games like The China War from an old S&T issue.

No word on what the Politburo thought of the game, but you can read what CSW users thought over here.

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By: Brant


besilarius said...

Well, at the old game shop in Alexandria, Va. There were quite a few intel folks from the Pentagon who dropped in for some "fun" gaming.
Apparently when SPI came out with the game, at least two dozen copies were ordered by them. They played the heck out of the game to try all kind of possible out comes.
Cannot recall any insights from them, except one older guy reported that the game reinforced their overall belief that we should never get involved in a war between the two.

Brian Train said...

I tried to update it a couple of years ago, making it into a multiplayer warlord game in the process: