08 November 2011

Sound Off! Dice

Dice - do you prefer...

... percentile? Give me nice statistical balance

... polyhedral? I like my weird numbers

Soud off in the comments below!

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Well, if you roll 10-sided dice, then you've got both.

(actually, all dice are polyhedral, unless you could figure out some way to stretch one into a Moebius strip)

I like the granularity of percentile results. They can be subtle and give a chance for quite unlikely events to occur (the Golden BB we discussed a while back, for example).

I use it usually for random events tables (and you can do it with six-siders, you just get 66 equally possible outcomes instead of 100), but often the problem with these systems is that the modifiers can get out of hand.

So, as usual, the answer is "it depends."

mad padre said...

Somehow I always enjoy wargames and tabletop miniature games where there are weird dice and weird numbers.
For those readers who use the iphone, I like the Crit app from Treeness, gives you a whole pocket of dice from d4 to d00. Helpful when the dicebox is on the far side of the table and there's no room to roll a bunch of dice.

Anonymous said...

I'll stick with the regular polyherdra, thank you very much. Ten sided dice are an abomination onto Classical Geometry and not to be tolerated.

Seriously though, I think percentile systems are overkill when it comes to having a nice statistical spread.

Brant said...

Padre - thanks for stopping by. Interesting wargame page you've got :)
Come back and bring some friends with you!

mad padre said...

Thanks for your comment ref my wargames blog.
I like this site, will pimp it on my own blog and plan to visit regularly. Nice mix of milnews and consim stuff.