10 November 2011

New Iranian Threats

Seriously? The day after Michael Peck's article about Persian Incursion hit FP, we get the Iranian leadership threatening retaliation. Are they *trying*to generate scenarios for people?

Iran "will respond with full force" to any attack -- or even any threat of military action -- the country's supreme leader said on Thursday, after Israel warned the world must act to prevent Tehran getting nuclear weapons.
Iran "will respond with full force to any aggression or even threats in a way that will demolish the aggressors from within," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told students at a Tehran military college, according to his official website.
Khamenei said the message was directed at Iran's enemies, "especially America and its stooges and the Zionist regime (Israel)."
The supreme leader's forceful language followed threats last week from Israel that air strikes could be in the offing against Iran's nuclear sites. Israeli President Shimon Peres said last weekend that such action was becoming "more and more likely."
Rhetoric between Iran and its two principal foes, Israel and the United States, has risen since the release Tuesday of a UN report saying there was "credible" evidence suggesting Iran's atomic programme was being used to research putting nuclear warheads in ballistic missiles.

By: Brant

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