26 November 2011

Oldest US Army 4-Star General Passes Away

GEN(R) Ralph Haines, The US Army's oldest living 4-star general, has died.

The U.S. Army's oldest living four-star general, Ralph Haines Jr., died of natural causes at San Antonio Military Medical Center on Wednesday, an Army spokesman said. He was 98.
Haines, who was the Army's senior retired officer, served 37 years in the Army and was vice chief of staff from 1967 to 1968.
Haines also served as commanding general of 1st Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas, and as the commanding general of III Corps, also at Fort Hood, according to a statement from the Army.
"He was a very dedicated and patriotic leader that served his nation honorably and lived up to all its values," said Major Stephen Short, a spokesman for the Army.
Haines, who was born in 1913 and graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1935, was one of the advocates for moving the U.S. Army's southern headquarters from Fort Buchanan, in Puerto Rico, to Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

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