10 November 2011

Dear Santa

"Dear Santa, I've been a mostly good boy this year. For Christmas, I'd like some toys for Vera. I want her to be well lubed and ready to go at a moment's notice. I want her to look sexy, to feel good in my hands, and do all the things that I need her to do. I want to take her out more and develop a more intimate knowledge of her....I mean really USE her like God intended her to be used. Go out in the middle of nowhere on an afternoon off and just bang away. Sure, I mostly keep her in the trunk, but when I need to use her, I want her to perform like no other. So please Santa, bring her some toys...some fun toys."

You sickos...Vera is my patrol rifle. ;-)

By: Steve

1 comment:

Steve said...

Anyone who immediately thought of a certain Callahan full-bore auto-lock, customized trigger, double cartridge, thorough gauge...Shiny!