30 September 2008

New Head of ISI for Pakistan

The Associated Press: Pakistan's powerful intel agency gets new chief
Pakistan has named a new chief for its main intelligence service, a change sure to be closely scrutinized by the U.S., which has questioned the spy agency's loyalties in the war on terror.
Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shujaa Pasha, previously the director general of military operations, was named the new head of Inter-Services Intelligence, according to an army statement late Monday.
The statement listed several other new postings in what appears to be a major shake-up of the military leadership.

We'll bring you more as it develops. We're trying to find a little bit more about Pasha's political leanings, but there's a lack of reporting on his support (or lack thereof) for AQ anywhere. This is likely to be a good thing, because it seems to minimize the likelihood he's in bed with AQ - at least not as overtly as other elements of the ISI.

By: Brant

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