25 September 2008

Paks Fire On NATO

The AP is reporting that Pakistani forces have fired on a NATO helicopter. NATO reports no injuries or damage. This is the second report in two day of Pakistani forces firing on some kind of aircraft; yesterday Pakistanis reportedly fired on a UAV, which apparently neither the US nor Afghanistan thinks they own.

Update: Other news services now confirm the incident. According to Foxnews.com there has been a change in rules of engagement given to Pakistani troops. Prior to September 3rd, incursions across the border were tolerated. Now, any unauthorized aircraft will be fired up. Also cited in the report is mention that the border is drawn in a disorganized fashion, which might result in aircraft straying across the border. Not mentioned is the possibility that NATO forces have GPS enabled maps and probably know the border better than the troops on the ground... Source: Foxnews.com

By: LongBlade

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