29 September 2008

The Rules of Comments

With all deference to Danger Room from Wired.com, we're borrowing their posting rules, and massaging them slightly...

1) No spam - No commercial advertisements for anything not already mentioned in a post somewhere. If we're discussing a particular game, and you provide a location where said game can be purchased, fine. If we're discussing the JSF, and you provide a link for a "canadian farmacie di$count m3ds" your comments are getting deleted, and you're getting banned if we can.

2) Don't post under a bunch of different names, to make it look like you've got a whole posse that agrees with you. - Building a community requires that people get to know each other a bit, and multiple identities confuse the debate in a variety of ways.

3) No out-and-out bigotry, or hate speech.
Danger Room's examples were: "I hate the Israeli government" is fine. "I hope those blood-sucking Jews go to hell" is not. "Al Qaeda pisses me off" is fine. "Kill everyone in Afghanistan, and let God sort 'em out" is not.
That's not a bad start, but we'll massage that as needed.

To those, we are adding 2 more:
4) No personal attacks. You can argue. We expect differing opinions. We want different opinions. We do NOT want someone calling someone else an "asshole" or threatening to find them in real life. Bad.

5) No OPSEC violations. We don't want to know that your cousin's entire battalion from 3 MEF just rucked up for a 9-day mission in Tora Bora, and are fastroping in under cover of darkness and left yesterday. Real bad.

Thanks to you, the readers, who are going to be the lifeblood of this site. Let's just get ground rules out of the way first.

By: Brant & The Staff


Andreas Ludwig said...


I can't find any email address or such so I'll use this here as a form of getting in contact with you. Since it's on mod status anyway you can just not post it and still get my info :P

You jave our old German Wargame blog in you Game Links section, which is no longer active. Wargaming on Your Radar is now Homefront Wargame Center completely overhauled and in English! -> www.homefrontcenter.de Check it out and feel free to link our new site as well (while deleting the old German link). We'll link you on our site, too.

Happy Gaming!


Brant said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Brant, just wanted to say I love your blog. I wargamed a modest amount in high school, back in the early 80's (mostly Third Reich and Squad Leader, bought War & Peace but never found a playing companion) and have recently gotten back into the hobby. I've been playing Third Reich again and looking to start in with some other games, namely Blitzkrieg and Tactics II. Keep up your excellent work here!