07 July 2012

CGSC Invades PaxSims, then spreads like a virus

The sims team at CGSC put out a non-requirement requirements document about “stability operations” sims, over at PaxSims.

For those of you who aren’t used to the jargon of the military and the military simulation community some of the material attached below will be unfamiliar. Don’t worry about that, however—the core question here is really one of “what do simulation users need to learn about stability operations, and how might a simulation best teach them that?” Folks who work in the humanitarian and development communities, or who work on the politics and economics of fragile and conflict-affected states, may have especially valuable “outside” perspectives to offer.

The topic is now spreading across the web like a virus.
I've had 4 emails on it.
Doctrine Man is talking about it on Facebook.
It's over at Wargaming Connection.
It's appeared on both the Simulating War and MilGames mailing lists.

It'll be interesting to see where this all goes.

EDIT: Training & Simulation Journal now gets involved, too

By: Brant

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Guardian said...

Hey, did you see that draft requirements document from CGSC about a SASO sim? :)