06 July 2012

US Army Gets First Female Deputy Division Commander

The new DCG-S of 1 CAV is BG Laura Richardson.

Thursday marked a pivotal moment in Army history, as the role of women in leadership was forever changed.

Fort Hood's 1st Cavalry Division welcomed the Army's first ever female deputy commanding general of a division.

BG Laura Richardson is giving credit to all women who proudly wear the uniform.

The first round went off at Cooper Field early Thursday, marking the moment GEN she changed history, though she says all women have come a long way.

"It almost doesn't feel like paving the way, because women have been serving in combat, been doing some incredible things in our units and in our Army already, and it just feels like I grew up in a division, and it just feels like this is home to me," she said.

And to make it even more special, the one passing over the reigns is her own husband, BG James Richardson.

He was just as gracious.

"This ceremony is not about Laura and I, it's about the very special people who helped us along the way. We haven't had the help of ordinary men and women, we have had the help and served in the company of heroes," he said.

By: Brant

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