25 July 2012

Connections - Day 2, Luminaries Demo'ing Games

By: Brant


Jack Nastyface said...

Nice to see B. Train's upcoming A Distant Plain on the table. Looking forward to seeing it soon.

Robert Hossal said...

I believe I spy Fardh al-Qanoon in that first picture! And like Jack, I'm looking very forward to A Distant Plain.

Brian Train said...

Yes, Volko came with his very nice playtest map (by Joel Toppen) of A Distant Plain and we played a few turns.

The third photo (with me in the gray shirt and gray hair, at the end of the table) is me showing all I've been doing in the last year - Guerrilla Checkers, Palace Coup, Uprising, District Commander: Clear and Hold, Kandahar, and Third Lebanon War. Six new games made for a full table. Not shown were A Distant Plain, which Volko introduced that night, The Scheldt Campaign, and Andartes. I have been a busy boy.