17 October 2013

Bullets! - Sleep Plans

-- quick and dirty words of wisdom collected over the years --

Sleep plan suggestion that seems to work pretty well: XO asleep during the OPORD and briefed by the commander later, so 1SG briefs the CSS in the OPORD (paragraph 4) after coordinating it w/ the XO XO supervises last-light checks, allowing the commander to do battalion-level coordination XO fights the night battle (if any) COMMANDER SLEEPS AFTER DARK! Trust the XO to do the job - he has to do it if you're dead anyway, remember? Delegate as much overnight work as possible to the PSGs - they always seem to get enough sleep no matter what. But don't burn them out, just let them supervise the normal activities. Night security crews should be asleep from 1400-dark, at least. Don't wake them until 21-2200 if you can help it. (Not necessarily the leadership, but rather the drivers and loaders and GIBs) Most of the vehicle maintenance that they would normally do around 1700 can be done by red-lens light anyway (checking oil levels, tightening bustle racks, etc.) Whatever you do, DO NOT wake them up for evening chow - just leave them some MRE's for that night. If you wake them, they'll start BS'ing with their buddies and never go back to sleep.

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By: Brant

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