17 October 2013

Women on Subs

No "seaman" jokes, please. DoD announces women will be assigned to fast-attack submarines by January 2015.

The USS Virginia and the USS Minnesota will be the first two gender-integrated fast-attack submarines, the Navy announced Tuesday.

Six women — four nuclear-trained officers and two supply corps officers — will report to the subs by January 2015, after completing the nuclear submarine training pipeline, according to the Navy.

Women are already serving aboard the ballistic missile subs the USS Wyoming, USS Louisiana and USS Maine, and the guided missile subs USS Florida, USS Georgia and USS Ohio.

The Navy in 2010 officially changed the policy that had previously prohibited women from serving aboard submarines. Since then, 43 women have been integrated into the sub force.

“Female officers serving aboard Virginia-class submarines is the next natural step to more fully integrate women into the submarine force,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in a written statement. “There are many extremely talented and capable women with a desire to succeed in this field and the submarine force will be stronger because of their efforts.”

In an all-hands call last week, Chief of Naval Operations Jonathan Greenert told sailors that the Navy will lay out a plan by May 2015 for integrating enlisted women into the submarine force. It is important to add female officers first, he said, so that younger sailors will have role models at sea.

“But the fact of the matter is, we’re going to do this,” he said.

By: Brant

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Brian said...

The Canadian Navy started allowing women to serve on submarines in 2002. Integration of women into all trades was something that started to happen 12 years before that but they held off with submarines because the small diesel boats we had at the time were just too close-quarters; they changed when we got four larger boats from the British Navy.
No big whoop, but very few women are currently serving aboard them because
- there are not very many women in the Canadian military
- we have only four boats
- the boats were "pre-enjoyed" and are such lemons that for the most part they stay docked
- have you ever been in a submarine for more than half an hour?