06 October 2013

Were US SEALs involved in the Somalia Raid Yesterday?

Looks like a Navy SEAL Team was involved in the raid on al-Shabab in Somalia.

A U.S. Navy SEAL Team conducted a stealthy raid into Somalia on Saturday, targeting a senior leader of the al-Shabab terrorist group weeks after they carried out an attack on a busy Nairobi shopping mall, The New York Times reports.
The SEALs approached the target beachfront house by sea and began the raid using suppressed weapons, before a fierce hour-long firefight broke out that led to the use of helicopter air support.

“The Baraawe raid was planned a week and a half ago,” said an American security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to The Times. “It was prompted by the Westgate attack,” he added, referring to the mall in Nairobi that was overrun by militants two weeks ago.

By: Brant

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