20 December 2009

Apparently a cyber attack has snagged some sensitive files in Korea

As you can expect, all fingers point to North Korea in the hack attack that resulted in a sensitive file getting snagged.

South Korea is investigating a cyber attack which led to the disclosure of classified joint U.S./South Korea military strategy plans.
Hackers were able to steal this sensitive 11-page document when a South Korean Officer omitted to remove a USB device from a computer prior to accessing the Internet.
A South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman said 'the stolen document was not a full text of the operational plans, but an 11-page file used to brief military officials. He said it did not contain critical information' the Associated Press reports.
The identity of the hackers is still unknown; however, speculations seem to point to North Korea.

And no doubt the fact that a USB geek stick is involved will make DISA deliriously happy.

By: Brant

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