20 December 2009

NEWS: Iranians give back oil well

Oh, that your side of the border! So sorry; terrible misunderstanding on our part...
A standoff between Iraq and Iran over a remote oil well ended peacefully Sunday as Iranian forces pulled back from the disputed site. In Baghdad, officials approved a preliminary deal with an international group to develop one of Iraq's most prized oil fields.
Together, the events highlighted the economic and diplomatic challenges facing Iraq as it tries to expand its reach in the global oil market.
In Iraq's southern Maysan province, soldiers escorted about a dozen oil workers back to well No. 4 on the al-Fakkah oil field after Iranian forces withdrew overnight. Iraqi soldiers planted the Iraqi flag on the well where Iran's flag had flown during the dispute that began last Thursday.
'The problem is solved now,' Abdul-Karim Elaibi, Iraq's senior deputy oil minister, told The Associated Press. Diplomatic talks over the disputed border were continuing, he said.

By: Brant

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