25 December 2009

UK In Action: Tornado

A Tornado GR4 aircraft operated by the Royal Air Force, takes off from RAF Marham in Norfolk. A Raptor Airborne Reconnaissance Pod can be seen fitted beneath the fuselage. The images received by the pod can be transmitted via a real-time data-link system to image analysts at a ground station, or can be displayed in the cockpit during flight. The imagery can also be recorded for post-flight analysis. The RAPTOR system can create images of hundreds of separate targets in one sortie; it is capable of autonomous operation against preplanned targets, or it can be re-tasked manually for targets of opportunity or to select a different route to the target. The stand-off range of the sensors allows the aircraft to remain outside heavily-defended areas, to minimise the aircraft’s exposure to enemy air-defence systems.

Image: UK MoD

By: Widow 6-7

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