16 December 2009

Wednesday Wargaming

Once again the pickings for a weekly wargame are easy. This week saw the start of what be known as the Battle of the Bulge. The battle would be German’s last major offensive of the Second World War. Initiated through the Hurtgen Forest, previously thought impenetrable for a major offensive, the Germans hit the American forces in an area that they were not well prepared. However, due to the unexpected tenacity, ingenuity, and ferocity of the 101st Airborne, American forces hold out in Bastogne until relieved by Patton’s 3rd Army. This is an infamous battle, and one that has plenty of wargames to offer.

Games To Set The Mood


Axis & Allies Battle of the Bulge
Panzer Grenadier Battle of the Bulge
Darkest December Battle of the Bulge 1944
Noville: Bastone’s Outpost – A Band of Heroes Expansion

PC Games

Panzer Campaigns: Bulge '44
World War II: General Commander
Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein

By: GladiusMagnus

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