21 June 2012

BULLETS! - Demand More

-- quick and dirty words of wisdom collected over the years --

Don't try to make something idiot-proof because that just attracts the lowest common denominator. Demand a higher standard and your soldiers will rise to the occasion.

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By: Brant


Jack Nastyface said...

Maybe...but there must be some value in printing "Front towards enemy" on the business-side of claymore. Although I have never served or been in combat, I always assumed idiot/dummy/kook proof equipment and procedures were meant to reduce the margin for error, which in turn can prove lethal in hostile environments.

IMHO One of the key features to consider in this is "frequency" of use. If your average rifleman deploys a claymore once a month, then having a reminder on how it works is perhaps not a bad idea. But he probably wouldn't need a similar reminder (muzzle towards enemy) on his rifle.

For what it's worth...I've seen "experienced" shooters incorrectly load bullets into a magazine, or lock 'n load a magazine with the weapon on "fire" mode. This can occur when a task is new (or is very infrequently done) or when an activity becomes so "routine" that we do it almost subconsciously.

Jack "Ever put the salt-shaker in the fridge by mistake? Nastyface

Anonymous said...

As my boss says make it soldier and sailor proof.
However I still think at some level the user must accept some level of responsibility and brain power level to even do the job. As Jack says above, frequency of conducting a task (recencey my favorite from the JSOTF commander) really is what the product or whatever it is should be written/designed to.

Brian said...

Nothing is ever idiot-proof, because idiots are so damned ingenious!

What things need proofing against is not an idiot, but an over-caffeinated, under-nicotined young man who hasn't slept for a couple of days, just went through a three-hour bombardment, and is nervous handling explosives to begin with. In that case putting "FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY" on something is not much to ask.