08 June 2012

China-Russia Ties Growing

Far from the hypothetical Sino-Soviet battle of Mukden, or the real shootout in 1969, it looks like Russia and China are cozying up, as Vlad the President-returned-from-the-dead is cheesing up to the Chinese VP.

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized burgeoning military ties with China on Wednesday on the second day of a visit to his nation's eastern neighbor.
Putin told Vice President Xi Jinping that he and Chinese President Hu Jintao have vowed to expand military exchanges and he also recalled recent Russian-Chinese naval exercises in the Yellow Sea.
Military exchanges between Moscow and Beijing have accelerated under a regional security grouping that has hosted regular border protection and anti-terrorism drills.
China is a major customer for Russian fighters, submarines, missiles frigates, and other high-tech arms, but mistrust lingers from their Cold War rivalry. Ties have warmed steadily, however, over Putin's decade-long dominance of Russian political life.

By: Brant

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