15 June 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: The Combat Engineer Game

Produced by the US Army Engineer School, The Combat Engineer Game let you test yourself against real-world missions!

C'mon! Who can resist such real-world practicality as a tabletop wargame for training troops?! Uh, well, there's most of the rest of the US Army, for starters...

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By: Brant

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besilarius said...

Was always impressed with ARVN combat engineers.
They almost seemed to skip over the water when setting up a bailey bridge.
Our guys always were waist deep in muck. Always wondered how they did it.
By the way, when you see photos of bridge crossings, like in Italy, the dead troopers floating in the water are combat engineers.
Assault troops have too much ammunition and gear on them. They sink like stones.