12 June 2012

Sound Off! Political Involvement

What sorts of political involvement should be allowed for military members?
What sorts of political involvement should be expressly prohibited for military members?

Don't just regurgitate what is; think about what should be...

By: Brant


Brian said...

Good question, and a very thorny one, especially when you mix it with religion (e.g. the ongoing proselytization/mobilization issue at the Air Force Academy, and other organizations).

I suppose at the very least the same guidelines should apply for military members as for civilian public servants: you may vote, you may belong to a political party, etc. but you must keep "job" and "party" separate - no organizing at work, no use of influence or work amenities to further political aims or ambitions, above all keep the appearance of neutrality, in the name of professionalism.

Organizations like the Oath Keepers concern me a lot. If you think that your own Federal government is a threat to your country, you should not be an employee of it.

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Brian said...

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