15 February 2012

GameTalk - Movies!

Have you ever tried to recreate a movie in a wargame? Did you ever modify an ASL scenario to play out a scene from A Bridge Too Far or use Lock'n'Load: Band of Heroes to play out part of The Longest Day? Ever try to game out The Patriot or Gladiator?

Your scripts below!

By: Brant


Brian said...

I was inspired to design Power Play, one of my first game designs, by the movie of the same name (the one about the coup d'etat with, not the one about hockey).

The first part of the game revolves around play from a deck of cards and that was inspired by a scene in the movie where David Hemmings, and Perter O'Toole pretend to play cards while Hemmings tries to recruit Peter O' Toole into the coup plot.

Brant said...

I once worked up a scenario for someone based on the final battle in Kelly's Heroes. However, I was told that if I submitted it for inclusion in an anthology of scenarios from the publisher, I would be ineligible to review any future work by that publisher, so I had to decline :(

Brian said...

That's a weird response. Perhaps the publisher didn't like that movie?

One of my few favourite tactical games is Raid! by Mark Herman (S&T 64). This came out in 1977, but there is an "airmobile Raid" scenario in it that is just like the big battle in "Apocalypse Now."

Brant said...

I wasn't told that by the publisher. I was told that by one of the media outlets I was writing for. They were actually paying (some) bills; I wouldn't have received anything from the scenario. It never got to the publisher for them to turn down.