01 February 2012

A Royal Mess Over the Falklands

You gotta love it when the Argies - who invaded sovereign British territory - call someone else a "conquistador".

Argentina said it doesn't seek another war over the Falkland Islands, and accused Britain of militarizing their sovereignty dispute by announcing Tuesday that it is sending an advanced warship to the islands along with Prince William "in the uniform of a conquistador."
The assignment of Prince William, a Royal Air Force helicopter pilot, for a six-week military mission in the Falklands in February and March has been a sore point for Argentina. It has sought to reclaim the South Atlantic archipelago that it calls the Malvinas Islands ever since Britain seized the islands some 180 years ago.
Both countries have engaged in a war of words in recent weeks ahead of the 30th anniversary of Argentina's failed attempt to take the islands back. Its invasion ended with more than 600 Argentine soldiers killed and 200 British dead in an international humiliation for Argentina's military junta.

You know, I always wondered why the Argies Spanish instead of some local native dialect. Oh yeah, that's right - because their country was, y'know, organized by Conquistadors. Those bastards.

By: Brant

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