03 February 2012

A Quick Update From Lock 'n Load Publishing

Hey look Mark, we're following directions about cross-posting, and sending out your Lock 'n Load Publishing update from Facebook!

Quick update on everything...please feel free to cross post this anywhere and everywhere (I'm thinking CSW and BGG). Although NW68 and Op Cobra are completed, printed, and beautiful, I'm waiting on the printer to return from vacation to put them on the boat.

Honneur et Patrie is done (not printed, but print ready), and at the printers.

Warparty is being laid out. The rules are complete, and I'll post them sometime next week. We need to repurpose/redo some of the art that wasn't quite print-ready and that is slowing us a bit, and the game was caught in the queue behind Honneur et Patrie.

Into the Breach is about 90% print ready. The two maps are complete, we probably have several more go-rounds with the counters. All of the base 12 scenarios are in the bag. One bonus scenario still needs retesting, and one of my campaign scenarios needs testing. I need to approve the box, and get the scenarios laid out.

In Defeat, Defiance is going to come down to the wire. It is my job to make sure everyone knows about the module, and in two weeks or so I will switch all our advertisements on the various sites to the game. We are also working on a couple of other promos.

Line of Fire 12...will have a complete game, a new Arrigo modulette, and a bunch of other surprises.

Everyone Dies in the End is just days away from release. I'm negotiating movie rights now.

By: Brant

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Awesome, especially after reading that on FB.